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the EV07S mini gps tracker charging it's own usb charging dock

Do you know someone who suffers from Dementia of Alzheimer`s disease?

Dementia and Alzheimer`s disease is now one of the greatest issues we face in our modern world! People are living longer and the cost of regular care is sometimes out of reach for some, resulting in Dementia and Alzheimer`s suffers staying at home for long periods of time with out human contact. Whilst some are more than capable of looking after themselves for periods of time in between visitors, family members or care givers visits, if they are prone to falls or wondering this can often lead to increased stress and worry for those around them.

Some suffers maybe reluctant to leave their family home which they have lived in for many years, where they feel safe and have fond memories of the past. This may not always be the best option for family members if they do not live in the same village or town as visiting maybe an issue.

By using a mini personal gps tracker with 2 way calling and panic alarm, both the user and their families or care givers can feel more at ease when they go out knowing that if they get disorientated or distressed, 3 emergency contacts can be alerted with one press of the panic button instantly. Should a fall occur the device will send out a SOS text message alert and then initiate the emergency calling function which will ring the pre-set numbers in turn until a contact excepts the call. By raising the alarm early there is a great chance that the user will return home safe and well, should the unthinkable happen the risk of life threatening injuries can be greatly reduced. 

Gps tracking devices for the elderly are only an aid to help greatly reduce risk and further injury and should be used in conjunction with regular human contact and not replace it. 


Introducing the new GPS Tracker pet collar

Now in stock

The new D69 pet gps tracking collar is now in stock in our on line shop

Do you have a dog that is constantly getting out of your garden or running off when out on walks, well we think this pet gps tracking collar is just what you have been looking for! It is small, lightweight and easy to set up and has a long battery life. Take steps today to help keep your loved family pet safe and out of harms way by kitting them out with this small stylist collar tracker and have piece of mind today. The D69 dog tracker comes in a gift box and a black collar and usb charging accessories.

Smart tracking step by step guide

The EV-07S mini personal gps tracker comes with a free online tracking platform which allows you to track the user in real time, set up a geo-fence if the user is prone to wondering. You can also see the battery status, which can be invaluable if the user has dementia and has tendencies to forget to charge their gps device. Within the settings page you are also able to set fall detection and see the history of the users movements and export usage reports.

To find out more about the features of the smart tracking platform visit the EV-07S support page or watch our step by step video guide.