About Us

Asta GPS Trackers offer satellite based personal gps tracking solutions utilising SMS/GSM and GPRS communication interfaces. Our system is intelligently designed to meet the challenges our users face as well as their loved ones security related issues.

Asta GPS Trackers are dedicated to making sure your gps tracking device works at its full potential by providing a real time tracking platform for use across the United Kingdom and rest of the world. We are dedicated to provide our customers with premium quality gps tracking devices to increase security with maximum efficiency and continue to move forward with technological advancement and excellent customer service.

With a gps tracker from Asta gps trackers, you can track the whereabouts of your loved ones, vehicles or possessions at any time. You can set geo-fence area that will control the unauthorized movement of users.

We provide you with a web based real-time tracking platform, which allows you to go beyond simple tracking the user by providing the information you need to improve the safety and productivity of your staff. You can also extract movement reports of any user at any time.