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Personal Alarms

Personal Alarms with GPS functions

In our fast changing world and the increased risk of ourselves or others we love and care about getting caught up in terrorist attacks both here in the United Kingdom and abroad can we really leave our safety and well being to chance.  

Over the last couple of years, the images and stories of terrorist attacks in the name of Islam all over the world have been an ever increasing visual reminder of our changing planet. The way we live and go about our daily lives will never be the same thanks to the minority who have set out to cause instability and racial division throughout the world. It seems a distant memory from when i grew up in Ireland with the threat of the IRA. The modern day terrorists we now face today are more indiscriminate and seem only to cause hurt and pain to those who they attack and their families without a second thought if their victims are Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, English, American or Australian. No one seems to be safe anymore and this is a frightening thought. With this in mind, we must stay defiant and carry on our daily lives and keep pushing forward for a safer planet for our kids and the coming generations to enjoy.

At Asta GPS Trackers we supply personal alarms and gps tracking devices for many uses because even though we may not be able to stop someone being attacked or hurt, we believe that our devices may help save someones life by allowing them to contact family, friends or work colleagues quickly in the event that some thing should go wrong and they need to raise an alarm quickly. Our devices can also allow worried family members or business owners to see were their loved ones or colleagues are even though they maybe unable to contact them directly on their mobile phones.

We believe that when a customer purchases a personal alarm or gps tracking device from Asta GPS Trackers, they are buying piece of mind over a physical product and we strive to achieve excellence in customer service to make sure the devices they have chosen achieve just that. We stock several personal alarms with and with out gps tracking and 2 way calling capability as well as children's smart watches and home alert systems.

The new RF V28 personal alarm with gps can be found in our shop and is small, light weight and can easily be placed in a pocket or warn around the neck by using the included lanyard. The RF V28 personal alarm comes with a tracking app and free PAYG Giffgaff sim that has £5.00 free credit once activated. If you are interested in any of our products and would like to find out which once would suit your needs, please contact us on and we will do our very best to find the best lone worker or personal alarm solution for your needs.




Alzheimers society

Glow in the park charity run for Alzheimer’s Society April 2017

Raising money for Alzheimers society

Raising money for Alzheimers society
Since starting Asta GPS Trackers it had become apparent that our customers were using our gps tracking devices and personal alarms more and more for family and friends that suffer from Dementia or Alzheimers. With this in mind, we thought it would be a great idea to do something that would also help people and their families in the form of research, education and family support and that is why we have chosen to support the Alzheimers society in 2017 by completing the 5K Glow in the park fun run that was held at the Kent County Show Ground on the A249 Detling Hill, just outside Maidstone Kent on 29th April.
We had a fantastic evening donning our hi-viz clothing and painting ourselves in paint! we then ran through an assortment of zones which included bubbles, florescent goo, smoke, Lights and not forgetting the time tunnel, where we got to stop and bust some shapes before heading off again.
The turn out was amazing with 4500 people all making their way round the course in the dark and a great time was had by all, we can't wait to do another one sometime soon as we raised £152 at short notice.

Check back for more updates on other charity fundraising events we will be taking part in this year.




Samantha and Carl

asta gps trackers at glow in the park
fun run 2017
time tunnel glow in the park kent
glow in the park kent 2017
Gps dog tracker collar from Asta gps trackers

Gps dog tracker coming soon

Gps dog tracker collar from Asta gps trackers

It is reported that more than 5 dogs went missing each and every day in the UK in 2016!

According to statistics published by the RSA group, Cheshire seems to be the missing dog capital of the UK with a staggering 15% of all missing dogs being reported there. 10% of all cases reported were for pets that had gone missing before. Dogs constantly escaping from gardens or running off when out for walks can be a real heartache for owners and can be very costly if their beloved pet is involved in an accident. The increase in dog theft for illegal breeding and fighting is an ever increasing problem but, not all missing dog cases were due to theft, figures show 10% were never reunited with their owners. 

To help return dogs to their loving families faster the government passed a law that made it compulsory for dog owners to have their pets micro chipped. Sadly not all pet owners are aware of this and many dogs in the UK are still unchip which means that there are no guarantees that your dog will be returned safe and well, meaning many enter in to re homing programs and end up with new families, which can be heart breaking from the previous owners. 

We will be introducing a new product to our range, which is aimed at dogs. This item is a gps tracking collar for dogs, it is small and conveniently located on the collar and can notify you when your pet goes beyond it's garden boundary and has real time tracking functions should your dog run off when out for walks.

Keep an eye out for our up and coming un-boxing and review video on Youtube and if you are interested in this product please let us know at and we will be offering a 10% discount on the first 20 pre orders for this product.


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setting a geo-fence area

Geo-fence Technology explained

setting a geo-fence area

Geo-feance technology explained

Modern gps trackers have the ability to set an area or perimeter around the gps device that will alert the preset contacts when the users goes in or out of a selected area.

This function can be invaluable when used by elderly people who suffer from dementia and have the tendency to wander off or become lost or disorientated. Everyone want their love ones to be able to maintain a level of independence in their later years, but sometimes they need a little extra help to stay safe when out. This can be even more so when the users live in built up areas or near busy main roads. 

Setting up a Geo-fence location is simple and easy to change should the need arise. When the users are out with family or care givers a perimeter can quickly be set by sending a sms text message to the gps tracking device. By setting the desired distance in meters from it's current location, the user can move freely within the area before setting off an alert which will instantly notify you that they have wandered off. This is done via text message which includes a google map link showing their current location. When your ready to leave, simply cancel the command by sending the cancel message command. The Geo-fence function can also be activated via the online tracking platform or app. The Geo-fence function is also great for children and possessions like cars, bikes, boats, caravans etc.

To find out more about setting up the Geo-fence function check out our video's on the support page.


personal anti attack alarm from asta gps trackers

Personal alarms now in stock!

Personal Alarms now in stock!

We now have a selection of personal alarms in stock and are currently available in black and blue. They are very loud at 120db and are easy to activate. They can be attached to keys, bags and even carried easily in a pocket, Light weight at 40g too, With the nights drawing in early still don't leave your safety to chance. Personal alarms are great for dog walkers, joggers, children, women and anyone who is out and about in the dark hours. Check out our store for more information. Keep safe people!