The EV-07S Black was our Number 1 selling mini personal gps tracking device for 2016


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The EV-07S Black Our best selling Mini personal gps tracking device for 2016

Our best selling mini personal gps tracking device by far to date in 2016 was the EV-07S Black mini personal gps tracker.

The majority of purchases were made for family members who suffer from Dementia or Alzheimer`s disease, allowing care givers and family members a greater piece of mind on the occasions when they are unable to be with their loved ones. Even though some elderly with dementia still like to stay active and venture out on their own to the local shops, doctors or park they can sometimes be prone to wandering off or finding themselves in a situation that causes them distress. Some are even prone to Slips and falls and can often go unnoticed for many hours, sometimes even days.

When we can not be with our loved ones it is always best to stay in contact should anything happen but most elderly do not want to carry a mobile phone and find the technology intimidating and hard to learn, this can cause unnessassary worry and stress to care givers and family members if they are unable to make contact and sometimes leads to panic.

The EV-07S has many features built in to help reduce or irradicate most of these situations and many of our customers are now taking full advantage of this great device.

The learn more about the full features the EV-07S has to offer, visit the EV-07S Black product page and take full advantage of it's features today!