setting a geo-fence area
setting a geo-fence area

Geo-feance technology explained

Modern gps trackers have the ability to set an area or perimeter around the gps device that will alert the preset contacts when the users goes in or out of a selected area.

This function can be invaluable when used by elderly people who suffer from dementia and have the tendency to wander off or become lost or disorientated. Everyone want their love ones to be able to maintain a level of independence in their later years, but sometimes they need a little extra help to stay safe when out. This can be even more so when the users live in built up areas or near busy main roads. 

Setting up a Geo-fence location is simple and easy to change should the need arise. When the users are out with family or care givers a perimeter can quickly be set by sending a sms text message to the gps tracking device. By setting the desired distance in meters from it's current location, the user can move freely within the area before setting off an alert which will instantly notify you that they have wandered off. This is done via text message which includes a google map link showing their current location. When your ready to leave, simply cancel the command by sending the cancel message command. The Geo-fence function can also be activated via the online tracking platform or app. The Geo-fence function is also great for children and possessions like cars, bikes, boats, caravans etc.

To find out more about setting up the Geo-fence function check out our video's on the support page.


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