Gps dog tracker collar from Asta gps trackers

Gps dog tracker coming soon

Gps dog tracker collar from Asta gps trackers

It is reported that more than 5 dogs went missing each and every day in the UK in 2016!

According to statistics published by the RSA group, Cheshire seems to be the missing dog capital of the UK with a staggering 15% of all missing dogs being reported there. 10% of all cases reported were for pets that had gone missing before. Dogs constantly escaping from gardens or running off when out for walks can be a real heartache for owners and can be very costly if their beloved pet is involved in an accident. The increase in dog theft for illegal breeding and fighting is an ever increasing problem but, not all missing dog cases were due to theft, figures show 10% were never reunited with their owners. 

To help return dogs to their loving families faster the government passed a law that made it compulsory for dog owners to have their pets micro chipped. Sadly not all pet owners are aware of this and many dogs in the UK are still unchip which means that there are no guarantees that your dog will be returned safe and well, meaning many enter in to re homing programs and end up with new families, which can be heart breaking from the previous owners. 

We will be introducing a new product to our range, which is aimed at dogs. This item is a gps tracking collar for dogs, it is small and conveniently located on the collar and can notify you when your pet goes beyond it's garden boundary and has real time tracking functions should your dog run off when out for walks.

Keep an eye out for our up and coming un-boxing and review video on Youtube and if you are interested in this product please let us know at and we will be offering a 10% discount on the first 20 pre orders for this product.


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