GPS trackers for Dementia

Do you care for an elderly relative with Dementia or Alzheimer’s? Do you constantly worry when you are not there to provide the feeling of safety and comfort to those who those who you love dearly?

Have you thought about using a personal alarm to help reduce the worry and stress that is often felt when leaving elderly relatives or patients unattended due to work or family commitments for periods of time, especially if they are prone to wandering, falling, locking themselves out or becoming disorientated and upset? 

By using a personal alarm, you are able to stay in contact 24/7 and be there to respond to emergency calls or notifications instantly. Our personal alarms can store 3 emergency contact numbers so if you are unable to respond straight away, 2 other family members, friends, colleagues or even neighbors can be notified as well, increasing the time taken to respond to an emergency or raise additional help is greatly reduced.

Personal alarms are easy to use once set up, can be used anywhere in the world and often only require the use of one button to alert family members or caregivers that the user is in need of assistance. The EV-07S personal alarm system comes with a charging cradle which reduces the likelihood of the devices battery running down as the user can simply remove the personal alarm and place it straight in to it's charging cradle.



Gps trackers for the elderly who suffer from Demantia or Alzheimer’s disease

For elderly and disabled citizens, the consequences of being completely isolated can be dire. Whether they go long periods without human contact, or have a loved one who does, the Asta GPS Tracker is your comprehensive solution in ensuring that uncompromising contact is maintained at all times. Should the unthinkable happen, such as an unexpected fall or disorientation in an unfamiliar area, your closest contacts can be alerted in a heartbeat.

Reduce risk.
Increase security.
Maintain peace of mind.


Our convenient and life-saving trackers works in real-time with built in U-blox GPS and GSM/GPRS technology, with the ability to program 3 pre-set emergency contact numbers. Two way calling for instant reassurance when a patient or loved one gets disorentated, feels unwell, has a slip or fall, or you may even be running late! Helping reduce the time taken to alert the emergency services if needed. Real time location updates by texting the Personal GPS tracking device and receiving upto date google map link for easy location of loved one or patient via a smart phone app or web based tracking platform. With a “man down” alarm and powerful SMS messaging capabilities, you can turn your ongoing concerns into figments of the past. The tracker is reliable, intelligent, cost-effective, and easy to incorporate into your existing daily life.

By investing in an Asta GPS Tracker, you can enjoy free shipping anywhere in the UK, as well as a comprehensive 1-year warranty. You’ll receive a FREE UK sim card with £5.00 additional credit upon online registration and your first top up of £10.00, and we’ll even help in getting you set up to guarantee maximum effect and minimum cause for concern. Superior customer service is our number one priority, and you and your loved ones come first. Always.


Are you looking for help setting up, using your gps tracker or free tracking platform from Asta gps trackers,

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What sets us apart is that we truly care about the well-being of you and your loved ones. We are but a humble team of human beings; small enough to care, yet large enough to make a lasting difference. In our minds, there is no possession quite as valuable as the knowledge that the people you care for are safe and happy.

And that’s why the Asta GPS Tracker was born.


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