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Personal Alarms with GPS functions

In our fast changing world and the increased risk of ourselves or others we love and care about getting caught up in terrorist attacks both here in the United Kingdom and abroad can we really leave our safety and well being to chance.  

Over the last couple of years, the images and stories of terrorist attacks in the name of Islam all over the world have been an ever increasing visual reminder of our changing planet. The way we live and go about our daily lives will never be the same thanks to the minority who have set out to cause instability and racial division throughout the world. It seems a distant memory from when i grew up in Ireland with the threat of the IRA. The modern day terrorists we now face today are more indiscriminate and seem only to cause hurt and pain to those who they attack and their families without a second thought if their victims are Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, English, American or Australian. No one seems to be safe anymore and this is a frightening thought. With this in mind, we must stay defiant and carry on our daily lives and keep pushing forward for a safer planet for our kids and the coming generations to enjoy.

At Asta GPS Trackers we supply personal alarms and gps tracking devices for many uses because even though we may not be able to stop someone being attacked or hurt, we believe that our devices may help save someones life by allowing them to contact family, friends or work colleagues quickly in the event that some thing should go wrong and they need to raise an alarm quickly. Our devices can also allow worried family members or business owners to see were their loved ones or colleagues are even though they maybe unable to contact them directly on their mobile phones.

We believe that when a customer purchases a personal alarm or gps tracking device from Asta GPS Trackers, they are buying piece of mind over a physical product and we strive to achieve excellence in customer service to make sure the devices they have chosen achieve just that. We stock several personal alarms with and with out gps tracking and 2 way calling capability as well as children's smart watches and home alert systems.

The new RF V28 personal alarm with gps can be found in our shop and is small, light weight and can easily be placed in a pocket or warn around the neck by using the included lanyard. The RF V28 personal alarm comes with a tracking app and free PAYG Giffgaff sim that has £5.00 free credit once activated. If you are interested in any of our products and would like to find out which once would suit your needs, please contact us on and we will do our very best to find the best lone worker or personal alarm solution for your needs.




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